Development and implementation of
Application and game software
for computers and mobile devices

System and network programming
Routines for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Databases and Tools

Computer technology is becoming more and more important and software plays a decisive role.
That's why we develop user-friendly software that makes working easier or simply fun.

In addition to creating tools for different applications, we also offer a range of mini-games. Initially intended for testing routines and marketing purposes, they are now available under the FeliGames label.
Another important project is the operating system Ousia.


Simply practical - from real estate to homeopathy

We develop tools for companies and private users in various application areas.
In order to achieve a maximum benefit when using the tools in practice, we attach great importance to the cooperation with the users.


Tools for designing letterbox attachments or for creating rental contracts, apps for searching key codes or creating floor plans on the smartphone - the focus is always on simplifying processes.

Operating system

Consistently simple - OUSIA

An operating system is typically designed to provide the foundation for installing applications that need to be loaded and updated with regular updates. The operating system itself requires constant updates.

This creates security risks, confusion, and affects the computing power of the devices. Most users do not need many of the programs at all or only use a fraction of the functions.

A system with strict separation of data and encapsulated functionality, which would be absolutely secure and provide only the essential functions, could simplify and speed up the work. There would be no need to install any programs or updates.


* All basic functions for displaying, editing, exchanging texts, tables, images, videos and music
* Intuitive and fast operation through essential and effective data processing
* Clear window structure
* Single-click and touch control
* No virus scanners and updates necessary (functionality encapsulated)

The user should not have to worry about the tools.
Switch on the computer. Select data. Select function.

Less is more!


FeliGames - from logic to dexterity

Game programming is the king of programming.
By customer orders marketing games with focus on logic, graphics, sound and database were developed. The collaboration with Animation Arts added 3D and AI programming.

As part of the treasure hunt project, a number of flash games were developed. Transrapid or Freegolf are further flash-based games, which were developed in connection with orders or projects.


We were very lucky to work on very successful projects of Animation Arts, such as the secret file Tunguska, over a longer period of time.

Highlights were also the participation at the GDC in San Francisco and at fairs like the GamesCom in Leipzig and Cologne.
The collected experiences could be applied in own projects.

A number of mini-games have already appeared on FeliGames. These are available for all mobile devices in the different App Stores.

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